Sunday, January 9, 2011

Military Art Work - By Sarah B.

Sarah B. the wife of a Canadian soldier in Ontario Canada draws amazing photos of our soldiers. She does them as tributes for fallen soldiers families and has also done many photos for friends of hers that serve.

She runs a Face Book group called“Soldiers of Petawawa Tribute Art Project” which started as a tribute to soldiers out of CFB Petawawa but now has changed to include tributes to our fallen heroes

” I started in two years ago hoping to honour the men and women of the base, but now my focus has shifted to individuals who have given their lives and others who have made an impact and should be remembered. However I am still hoping my project will be do-able”

Here work is simply amazing and I wanted to share it on here.
Tribute to a fallen Canadian Hero MCpl Allan Stewart 

Other artwork done by Sarah:

This is Sarah's most recent photo also drawn for the family of a fallen soldier.

Current member of the Canadian Forces with RCR2

A member of the Canadian Forces serving with 3RCR

Sarah's husband currently serving with the Canadian Forces

Please do not use these photos without permission from Sarah you can email her for more information. 


  1. ur truely an amazing artist. keep it up!

  2. Fantastic! Thank you, Sarah, and thank you to your husband for his Service..

  3. Thank you to all the soldiers out there! My heart goes out to you and hope and pray that some day soon you can come home. My dad is a World War 2 veteran and I thank him every single day. May God Bless all of you!

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  5. Really great work and for a great cause, very impressed.

  6. Really great work and for a great cause, very impressed.