Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Gratitude Project

In March 2010 we released a series of videos of group members showing support to our men and women in uniform by holding "Thank You" signs and putting them all together in a series of YouTube videos.

Gene Has always been a great supporter of our troops and I remember watching a press conference when he was a race marshal at a race in Edmonton where he sent the following message to Canadian Troops.
“Hi guys, it’s Gene Simmons. We know you’re in Afghanistan, we know it’s a tough one, I just want you to know from my heart we love you. I like the fact that there’s a bit of civility when the Canadian flag goes up and your national anthem is sung, everybody quietens down a bit. You don’t have to salute, no one’s forcing you to do anything, but just for a few minutes you shut your mouth and give it the respect it demands. I think that’s part of our lives that’s been tossed aside. Culture has become cynical and we don’t even respect what we should.” – Gene Simmons from Toronto Star
“Thanks to who his wife Shannon Tweed who I met on Twitter, I showed her The Gratitude Project video and she assure me she would show gene. A few days later I were so amazing to see gene saluting with a “Thank You” Sign” = Dave Murphy Creator of
This week The Gratitude Project was also featured on the maximum fighting home page, which is very similar to The UFC in the states and we are very happy to have them on board.

This is Tori a Golden retriever who used to do therapy visits at the Walter Reed hopstial and she attended the 9/11 Memorial deication in 2008. I have been receiving lots of photos of peoples pets with signs but this one takes the cake so far.

Click each photo to watch on YouTube:

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Click to watch Part Four

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Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed

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MOST OF ALL, Thank you to every single person who took the time to

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