Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Crosses White - by Graydon Archer

The Crosses White - by Graydon Archer

From the crosses white in Arlington,

To the graves in Flanders field.

Lie the bodies of the brave

Who carried freedoms shield.

From the beaches at Iwo Jima.

To the caves of Pakistan.

From the forests of the Ardennes,

To the hills in Viet Nam.

From the skies above all Europe.

To the battle grounds below .

From the burning sands of Africa

To Koreas ice and snow.

To all the sailors now at rest,

On the oceans muddy floors.

To all of those whos lives were lost,

To fight this nations wars.

I bow my head most humbly.

I offer you this prayer.

That God in Heaven, give to you,

A crown of gold to wear.

To all the men and women,

Who answered freedoms call.

My heartfelt thanks and grace of God,

Goes to one and all.

Graydon Archer Jan. 15th, 2011

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