Tuesday, February 1, 2011

G.I. Jules

Julian Austin

Julian Austin is one of the greatest supporters of our men and women in uniform that I have met in the past two years. He has done live performances for our troops in many locations including several performances in Afghanistan. He has sent numerous packages to Our service men and women serving in various locations and is planning a future performance upcoming.

"The Red & White" written and record by Julian Austin is the song that inspired me to create the Thank A Soldier cause on Face Book. One line in particular says "Do we take the time to thank a soldier For everything they do." and this hit me and sparked the idea. I have spoken to Julian on many occasions and you can hear it in his voice and see it in his heart how much he cares about our soldiers and is defiantly a proud Canadian.

"Still Over There" is another amazing tribute for the troops co-written by Austin and friend Capt. Steve Giberson of the Royal Canadian Dragoons is about our men and women coming home from battle and their hearts still being overseas and in their minds. When I asked Julian about this song, and seeing that nearly 650,000+ people have joined the Thank A Soldier cause, we spoke of how much things have changed in the past two years, and Support for our men and women despite what the view is on the war is stronger than ever and I informed him that his song was the reason I started the cause I could tell him how proud it made him.

Julian, I wanted to thank you for all that you do for our men and women, and I'm proud to know you.

Here are the lyrics to the song "The Red & White", the link to watch the video of Julian performing it in Afghanistan is also below:

"The Red & White"

Harvey McPhee was my father
Harvey served in World War Two
Just like him they were all young men
Lord knows what they went through.
I remember on Remembrance Day
Dad saluted those who fought and died
I can’t imagine what he was thinking
When I saw the tears in my father’s eyes.

This country these days it seems
Is not proud as it should be
Do we care about our Heroes anymore.
Do we take the time to thank a soldier
For everything they do.
Have we forgotten those brave souls who fought and died
For the Red and White

I knew a man who served in Korea
He came back a different man
He went over for his country
To fight in a foreign land
He took to pills and the bottle
To numb his nightmares and his pain
He went to war barely 19
Bob Archer was his name


Coporal Jamie Murphy
Just 26 from Newfoundland
Was days away from coming home
When he was killed in Afghanistan
He never had a hope in hell
Al-Qaida bomber took his life
So far away from his home, on Green Route Road
That solider died for the Red and White

Julian Austin burst onto the country music scene with the release of his first album, What My Heart Already Knows, on May 6, 1997. The album was certified gold by the Canadian Recording Industry Association for sales of 50,000 copies and the first single, "Little Ol' Kisses," went to #1 the Canadian country singles chart. That same year, Austin won the Wrangler Rising Star Award from the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA). All of the additional singles released from the album reached the top 20, including the #3 song, "Diamond." In 1998, Austin was nominated for Best Country Male Vocalist at the Juno Awards.

1997 What My Heart Already Knows
2000 Back in Your Life
2002 Bulletproof
2007 The Red and White

Click here to visit Julian Austin's website.

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