Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Hero Comes Home by Nina Toth

A Hero Comes Home by Nina Toth

A Hero is not made, He's born.
His destiny awaits,
Until fulfillment comes, this hero yearns,
To seek, to serve, to save.
With the courage of a lion,
He defends the cause at hand,
He will take his last breath trying,
He may fall, yet he'll still stand.
A valiant soldier completes his task,
Though his tour has been cut short;
A much greater life awaits this man,
As he's greeted by our Lord.
This hero paid the greatest price,
He gave his all for his home land,
As we breathe the breath of freedom,
Let's thank God for this great man.
We will not take him for granted
By forgetting what's been done;
We will wave our flag in honor
For the victory He's won.
For service to his country,
The tenacity he's shown,
God's arms are open, welcoming,
A hero has come home.

Written by: Nina Toth

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