Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Social Networking - Military Style

Social Networking - Military Style

Support with Honor, Respect, and Thanks - to those who serve and deserve - within our Canadian Armed Forces.

In October 2010, Jeramy Ratelle (Air Force) launched the Canadian Social Network -MyForces.ca. We are a community made up of Military (Active & Retired), family, friends, and supporters of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Bringing together CAF(s) and Civilian(s) in a friendly, social atmosphere.

On February 1, 2011 he will be officially launching myforces.net, for our American counterparts.

In the "community" (as we refer to it) we have an exciting array of member pictures, video, blogs, news items from all three elements (Air Force, Army and Navy); plus a variety of other items. We are striving to expand our horizons and are looking forward to growing from a community to a metropolis for 2011. We have a lot of things planned to bring to the community for the upcoming year.

So come join us to make new friends or meet up with old ones at MyForces.ca andmyforces.net to see what we have to offer. Bring your family, friends and supporters. You are more than welcome to add your suggestions and comments. ALL ARE WELCOME. You can even sign in with your Facebook account.

And don't forget to mention where you heard about MyForces.ca and MyForces.net and leave a message for Jeramy (MyForces Founder) or Louise (Head Moderator).

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  1. Thanks so very much Dave ... this means a great deal to us at MyForces... and glad to see that you came to check us out as well :)