Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WARRIORS by Joan Gailic


I often wonder where our warriors have gone

Have the disappeared? Left with the dawn?

Perhaps they no longer wear armor or skins

But instead do their best to try and blend in

If you look you’ll see them all around

Within almost anyone they can be found

A football player at a hometown game

Defending his land lights the heart’s flame

A warrior is not defined by great strength

But by their ability to have patience for a great length

A babe’s mother will fight to the death

To protect her child, she’ll give her last breath

A warrior has courage to do what is needed

Even when danger is acknowledged and heeded

A soldier far from home who fights to extend

Not the reputation, but the time before the end

A warrior knows what’s important, the big and small

They put themselves behind the good of all

A cop fighting crime, working through his days

To keep order and reweave as justice frays

A warrior protects, tries to stop the wrong

He defends the weak because he is strong

A warrior fights for faith and life

Trying to stop the world’s strife

For honor and Love the warrior appears

To save a life, to stop the tears

But no matter when, or how, or why

Even if they’ll fail, a warrior will try

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