Friday, June 17, 2011

Benefit concert for Hero To Hero - Team Canada

Hero to Hero US started shortly after September 11th, 2003 they are a troop morale organization that encourage all first responders to send the shirts off their back to our troops with messages of support from home on them. From the Hero To Hero.US site "wanted to send some shirts to our troops to let them know they were not forgotten, no matter our personal politics or views on the war" On the main page of there site it displays ""Troops don't choose their battles any more than firefighters or police" which I think says it all as to what they do and why they do it.

You can read their full history on their website

Kevin McHarg a firefighter in Sarnia, Ontario is the Canadian Ambassador of Hero To Hero and runs and maintains Hero to Hero - Team Canada and has taken part in a lot of our efforts such as "The Gratitude Project" and "Operation you are not alone" . Having met both Liz & Kevin in person and seeing the work they do first hand I have a lot of respect for the both of them and glad to help them out with their projects.

That being said on Sunday July 10th from 4pm to 1030pm the Newbury Firefighters Assoc and Br 583 will be hosting a benifit concert for Hero To Hero - Team Canada featuring The Zoller Boyz and Country artist Julian Austin. As you may or may not know Julian Austins song "The Red & White" was the inspiration for and he puts on one heck of a show. He has also performed many times for our soldiers overseas and has a love and respect for our troops which to this day blows me away.

If you are in the Newbury area and would like to help out this amazing group you can RSVP on Facebook HERE!!!


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