Sunday, July 24, 2011

Canadian soldiers are still in Afghanistan

While 2,850 Canadian soldiers are going home, 950 others have started streaming into Afghanistan to help train Afghan security forces to take the lead role in securing the country by 2014. In the majority of the media all you read is “Canada’s Afghan Mission Ends’ yes the doors to the Tim Hortons will be closing in November, yes the hockey rink will no longer be in use by Canadian soldiers but some of our troops are still there and do face danger every day.

There also FOB units still in Afghanistan until Christmas walking the same roads where many of our fallen have been killed. Personally I’m sick and tired of reading news reports in the media that give people the idea that are troops are all home.

I've had several emails from people asking me "So now that our troops are home are you going to continue with your site" well the answer is 100% yes.

1. We have troops deployed at other operations in the world aside from Afghanistan such as Navy in Somalia and Panama, troops away from their families deployed in Alert and many other operations.

2. Thank a Soldier is not only for Canadian troops, we have paired up people as Pen Pals from the United States, Britain, and even Australia. Also 70% of the 4.2 million members are from areas outside of Canada.

3. Thank A Soldier encourages people to say Thank You to our men and women in uniform no matter where they cross paths with them.

4. Our troops are always ready to go in the case of emergencies here at home i.e the ice storms in Montreal, floods in Manitoba and last winter helping stranded motorists in London, Ontario.

5. With so many of our troops returning home showing signs of Combat Stress & PTSD Operation You Are Not Alone is more important than ever, as the song by Julian Austin says many of our troops although physically home are “Still Over There”

After speaking with a personal friend who is currently on tour who said "We don't want people to forget we are still over here" I ask you to please keep in mind that even though in our medias eyes our mission ended when the "Combat Mission" ended, lets not forget those men and women still putting their lives at risk every day.

Thank You


  1. We wont forget Dave. SomethingfromHome is resuming sending packages the end of August, Additionally we will be starting the Christmas Project a little earlier this year to ensure that NO Canadian Soldier is forgotten at Christmas.
    Thank you for all you do.


  2. Thanks for this post. My boyfriend just deployed at the beginning of July as part of the MTTF ( Please don't forget about our guys over there and everywhere else. Even the soldiers that are home, they still go to work every single day and are always ready to go out and help whenever needed.