Saturday, July 9, 2011

Portraits Of Honour comes to Calgary

When we hear the news on the media about another one of our soldiers being killed they are mentioned on the news for about sixty sections, followed by what number they were to be killed in Afghanistan an that is usually it. After a short amount of time they sadly become numbers and the names and the faces usually aren't remembered.

Then there's people like Dave Sopha who has spent over 7000 hours creating a series of portraits for our fallen heroes called "Portraits Of Honour". I was glad to finally meet Dave today in Calgary, Alberta as the POH was on display for public viewing as it makes its way across Canada.

"Each photo takes about 60-80hrs depending on the detail" Dave said "There are also over 100,000 poppies for on the painting for all those who gave their lives defending our country" when Dave told me this I had chills. I took a moment and looked at every photo and knowing so many of their families personally it really hit me.
Yesterday the Royals William & Katherine were in town and they took a moment to lay a wreath in honour of our fallen and when Dave was talking the moment you could see how proud he was as things were supposed to be official but they took more than a few moments there looking at every photo and a great show of respect.

The Portraits of Honour is currently touring across the country and you can see when it's going to be in your location on their website.

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