Sunday, July 24, 2011

Portraits Of Honour - The Faces

So I've made a new YouTube video for the Portraits Of Honour and it features a poem called "The Faces" written by Dan Gray specifically for the Portraits Of Honour. The video clip featured in it was taken by the "Canadian Heroes" group when the POH was visiting Hamilton, Ontario.

I decided to make this video for friends of mine in areas of Canada that won't get to see it in person and the slow walk through of all the photos I felt brings it to life. Seeing this in person is something that is hard to capture on video but I hope you enjoy it. I chose the song "My Hero" by Foo Fighters but found an instrumental version as I wanted the focus to be on the words o Dan's poem and on the pictures themselves.

The Portraits of Honour was done by Dave Sopha and took over 7000 hours to create, there are over 100,000 poppies in the background and features the faces of our 157 Canadian soldiers lost in Afghanistan.

Please check out the Canadian Heroes Facebook page and the Portraits Of Honour website to see when this beautiful peace of work is coming to a city near you.

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  1. Knowing we've lost so many is one thing, but when you see their faces and to the instrumental of Foo Fighter's "My Hero" it's all that more poignant. A moving tribute.