Friday, July 22, 2011

Winnipeg Jets unveil new jersey in honour of the Air Force

For anyone that knows me or just follows my twitter feed you know two things I love NHL Hockey and our military. When I heard that the Winnipeg Jets were going to be releasing their jersey design today I wasn't sure what to expect but when I saw the final design I was blown away.

I have been a Leafs fan for as long as I can remember watching hockey and to see the things the Leafs do for our troops with "Military appreciation Night" "Lukes Troops" at every home game and morale visits to the men and women serving in Afghanistan it has always made me very proud to be a fan. To see this show of respect today by True North Entertainment and the Winnipeg Jets well I am for sure going to be getting one of their jerseys for when they come to Calgary to play the Flames.

You can read the full release below from an the Winnipeg Jets.

Thank You -
True North Sports & Entertainment unveiled the primary and secondary logos for theWinnipeg Jets Hockey Club on Friday afternoon. The Jets will begin play in the NHL this coming season.

The design for the new logo, which was developed in partnership with Reebok and the NHL, was inspired by the logo of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"True North Sports & Entertainment felt it was important for the new Winnipeg Jets to develop a strong new identity," said Mark Chipman, Chairman & Governor of True North Sports & Entertainment. "We felt it was important to authenticate the name Jets and we believe the new logo does that through its connection to (Canada's) remarkable Air Force heritage, including the rich history and relationship that our city and province have enjoyed with the Canadian Forces."

True North Sports & Entertainment was also grateful to the Department of National Defense for their assistance in the process.

"We have always had a close relationship with 17 Wing throughout the years, dating back to our annual Manitoba Moose Military Night," said Dorian Morphy, Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Management of True North Sports & Entertainment. "We are thrilled to be able to continue this relationship in a significant way. The design cues for the plane were inspired by the military jets flown by the Air Force over the years. So not only were we able to establish a new identity for our brand, but we were able to maintain a traditional, time honored look to the logo."

The Jets will unveil their uniforms and uniform colors at a later date. Their first regular-season game will take place on Oct. 9 against the visiting Montreal Canadiens.

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