Friday, October 28, 2011

Jody Mitic Inspiring Others

So recently I posted a blog called "Who Inspires You" for The Ellen show to which the response to has been amazing. I received an email from a Veteran who wanted to share his story anonymously about how Jody Mitic has inspired him.

Re: Jody Mitic

I was involved in a motor vehicle collision in 1999. I was diagnosed as having suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and mild traumatic brain stem injury, along with other physical problems. Unknown to me at the time, I gradually found that all the mental resources I had unconsciously accessed over the years to combat what was later diagnosed as PTSD (mildly started with my military service but had become full-blown during 17 years of serving as a Police Officer) were no longer available to me.

Years of several different prescription medications helped keep everything on a somewhat even keel until I began to suffer adverse physical symptoms from the continued use of the medications. Those symptoms departed after I stopped the medications on my own accord. When the mental problems increased, counseling helped with making me understand what PTSD is, along with all the other buzz words for conditions that accompany the problem and gave me new mental resources to combat all the demons.

However, over the past few years, those symptoms have increased to the point where it has become virtually unbearable to live with. Suicidal thoughts are a constant invasion of my sanity. By following what Jody Mitic is accomplishing after his severe physical disability brought on by his service to this country, I am able to control most of the emotional problems, particularly the suicidal thoughts. I draw upon Jody's strength, courage and resolve to continue to excel and succeed physically and attempt to apply those same attributes to my daily life. If it were not for his example, I wonder if I would still be here today let alone being as active as I am.

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