Saturday, October 8, 2011 is very happy to announce a new project called "Just Say Thanks"

I was approached online a few weeks ago by someone that was wondering what they could do more on Remembrance Day to say thank you to veterans and soldiers. One thing I've also seen in the past five years of running this website is that sometimes people want to say thank you but aren't sure how to or just not that comfortable with the situation.

That being said we are launching "Just Say Thanks" a series of cards online (FREE of charge) that can be printed off and given out to veterans and soldiers all year round. You can also save the files to your computer and email if you have friends or loved ones serving overseas.

Our only request is that if you do that please include the link to this blog so that people can share their stories via the comments section and see how many are sent.

We are encouraging people to print these off and if you're at a Remembrance Day Ceremony or Veterans Day in the States put one in an envelope and hand it to a soldier or veteran when you see them in public.

To Print the cards:

Step 1 : Click on the below photos

Step 2: right click and select Save Image As.... (Save the file to your desktop)

Step 3 : Open the file on your computer and print it

Step 4: Write a Message on the back and please include "" at the bottom

"Remembrance Day (Canada) & Veterans Day Card (USA) Card"

- Thanks to S. Blanch for designing the card you can see more of her work here


"Thank A Soldier - Year round card" with space to write a note


If you have a design that you would like to create and have featured on our webpage you can send to

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