Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Calgary Liquor store has a special Remembrance Day Message

A friend of mine today pointed me to a online liquor store website in which their holiday flyer had an important reminder for Remembrance Day. When John Mcrae penned the words to "In Flanders Fields" there was no mention of beneath the liquor bottles row by row the poppies grow. I went out after seeing this and picked up a copy of 'The Calgary Herald" and sure enough here was the Remembrance Day Flyer for this Liquor store which made me sick to my stomach to look at.

Now I am one person who believes in freedom of speech and our veterans give us the freedom to say what we like, and yes this ad may be a ironic play on words, however at the bottom of the ad which is in every copy of The Calgary Herald today there is a poppy growing in the field of liquor.

There are six locations listed in this ad in Calgary, Alberta all of which I know will never get any of my business. I've included the bottom of the ad with phone numbers to all locations incase anyone would like to give them a call and tell them your thoughts. I could not find a contact us link on their webpage.

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  1. Hi,
    I work for AGAT Labs. Last Tuesday I was at the Flames game and the company had a big board where the second "A" of AGAT was replace by a huge red poppy. The next day, all staff received an email showing a picture and the following message "Many who watched the Montreal Canadians play the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames play the Minnesota Wild last night were pleased to see AGAT’s acknowledgement and appreciation of our military. We have received great feedback and support from everyone who watched the games and would like to share this with everyone who may have missed it last night."

    Now it looks like they support remembrance day. But they don`t give the day off to their staff.
    We get an extra day at Xmas instead. I'm ex military and no matter how many time I asked, they wouldn't let me take the day off or even half a day, unless I take vacation time.
    I think they did that to look good and make money at it.