Sunday, November 20, 2011


At the end of December it will be the third year since "Thank A Soldier" was launched on Facebook and wanted to do something special on our site to celebrate this.

In the next month with the help of John Cornegge from ThinkOrange Media  we are going to be launching the "International Wall Of Gratitude" on

Last year on YouTube we launched "The Gratitude Project" which had an amazing response but also took over six months to create the series of ten YouTube videos. On YouTube recently we also launched "Operation You Are Not Alone" a PTSD awareness campaign to let our men and women returning from deployment that its ok to ask for help.
In the next few months there will be many soldiers returning home to their families and I thought it would be nice to do another project with people holding "Welcome Home" signs.

That being said I am going to be combining all these efforts in to one group photo album on

Thank You & Welcome Home Photos : Similar to what people sent for "The Gratitude Project" users can post photos holding Thank You signs and Welcome Home signs, and also post a brief message as well as their location if they wish to do so.  Users will have to login via Facebook to post photos but do not have to sign up for a username and password on the website.

Family Member Tributes : If users have lost any loved ones or friends serving overseas they can post their photo with a small write up about them and other users will have the option to leave a message of condolence to the family if they choose to do so.  The few family members of fallen soldiers I have talked to about this like this idea as they can post their favorite photo of their loved one to show a different side of them.  This will also make the Wall Of Gratitude something truly special

Operation You Are Not Alone : Due to the fact that it took almost six months to create The Gratitude Project YouTube series, all photos I have received for this I will be posting on this page and helping to spread the awareness of Operational Stress & PTSD

Online Gallery : If people don't have the access to take a photo for this page and just want to post a message of thanks to our troops they can select from a gallery of photos that will be preloaded to the website to choose from.

With every photo people will have the option to "Like" and share on Facebook & Twitter pages and will be 100% user interactive.

If you would like to submit a photo prior to the this page being launched you can send them to

Thank You and stay tuned


  1. Thank You for your Patriotism and for the awareness you are giving Family's as well as the Soldiers to let them know that there is help out there for them and that We the American People do appreciate all they do for Us and Our Country.
    I am a Mother of a Soldier who is serving in Afghanistan and appreciate everything you do.
    Pam Traverse


  3. To all our soldiers I thank you for your service. I am the proud mother of Sgt. Russell C. Moss Medic, ARMY. As a mother I know what is like for parents of soldiers and how it ages us when they are deployed. God Bless you all.

  4. thank you for a great ideal for all of soldier,s my son just got back from doing a stay in Afghanistan does not know when he has to go back yet,serve his last two birthdays in the core he,s 20 now. pray for all of the men and women who serve and protect us . proud father of Jessie Greene. Marine

  5. I am the Mother of SSGT. Mark Graunke, Jr. Former Marine. (If you google him you will see a picture of him with Pearl Harbor Vet, Houston James). While your service work is commendable I am bothered by the reference of "soldier" to depict all service members. A soldier is Army. There are Marines, Airman, Sailors, and Coastguard. Clumping them together does a grave disservice to those troops that have laid down their lives and have served in their specific armed service. It is important to my son to be called a Marine, and I hope that people will learn to address them properly. Thank you for your service in helping the troops. Maggie Brown