Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards For Veterans

 So I've been getting a lot of email requests and Faeebook messages of people asking for my address to send a Christmas card to and as much as I appreciate the thought I was thinking about our veterans who are in Sunnybrook Hospital in Ontario who would probably appreciate getting a card for Christmas a lot more than I would so I contacted them and got the ok to give out an address to do so.

When you are filling out your list of Christmas cards this week please address one to the following address :

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 
Room L1108
c/o Nancy Bowers-Ivanski (Thankasoldier) 
2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, On M4N 3M5

Think of how much it will mean to a Veteran of this amazing country of ours to open a Christmas card from someone they don't even know simply saying "Merry Christmas & Thank You" I would say thats $0.59 for the price of ONE stamp put to pretty good use this season.

Sunnybrook Health Science center is the larges Veterans care facility in Canada and each year on Remembrance Day they run "Operation Raise A Flag" which is their way of honouring our veterans each year as people are encouraged to donate a flag to place outside the care center on the morning of Remembrance Day.

 Sunnybrook has a proud, 60-year legacy of caring for Canada’s servicemen and women. Started as a centre of healing for Second World War Veterans, they have grown into the largest Canadian centre for Second World War and Korean War Veterans. Today, they provide 500 Veterans with access to specialized health care and comfort services.

The program provides cognitive support, physical support, mental health support and stroke care to Canada's war Veterans. We also provide palliative care for Veterans and the community at large. The palliative care unit (K1E), offers twenty-four beds and is located on the first floor of Kilgour wing. The professionals and volunteers on the palliative team are compassionate and committed to providing the highest quality end-of-life care. We also provide leading-edge, innovative dementia care for Veterans with challenging behaviours due to Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias in the Dorothy Macham Home. This residential-style home with ten beds, offers a unique specially designed therapeutic environment. It is the first facility of its kind in Canada.

Sunnybrook has a distinguished history of excellence in the care of the elderly. In 1948, Sunnybrook officially opened as a war Veteran's hospital, providing care to Canada's soldiers, sailors and airmen returning home from the Second World War. We are proud and consider it an honour to care for Canada's Veterans, the courageous men and women who served our country in the name of peace and freedom.


  1. Thanks for all you have done & Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks, happy Christmas brother. With Walter reed vet hospital closing I'll look for a USA place like yours.
    All the best
    Martin corbett

  3. Thank you all and we miss you Marry Christmas,,God walks with you daily

  4. Thank you for starting this initiative! Nancy Bowers-Ivanski, the manager of our recreational therapy program for the veterans, can't wait to pass out the cards. Our Veterans will be thrilled! Thank you again for your kind support. - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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