Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday "Thank A Soldier"

On the morning of December 8th 2008 I was going through YouTube videos and stumbled upon a song by Canadian country artist Julian Austin called "The Red & White" which was being performed to troops in Afghanistan.

In that song there is a line that says "Do we take the time to thank a soldier for everything we do" and those words struck me hard and the "Thank A Soldier" cause page was launched.

Here we are today three years later and have done some pretty amazing things in the last three years, such as "The Gratitude Project", setting up people as pen pals with soldiers, introducing family members of soldiers together, featuring other military organizations doing amazing things, Operation You are not alone, tribute videos and a whole lot more.

A few features have been removed from the causes page such as the discussion forum, video links and photos and I did like the interaction of that, so that being said as of today I have created a "Thank A Soldier" Facebook "PAGE" that is much easier to join and will be much more interactive with members.

In the "Member Survey" I sent out a few months ago the two biggest requests were for a simple "Fan Page" to join and more projects like "The Gratitude Project"

I want to thank everyone who has shared a post, sent a photo for The Gratitude Project, Retweeted a post of ours on Twitter, sent invites to your friends, viewed a blog, or had anything to do with "Thank A Soldier" in the past three years honestly it still blows me away to this day everything that has happened.  This is not the end of "Thank A Soldier" but a new era.  With "The Wall Of Gratitude" launching soon I have a feeling things are just getting started.

Thank You

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