Monday, December 5, 2011

Some inspiration from a 7 year old


So this really doesn't have anything to do with Thank A Soldier but wanted to share on here anyway as the Christmas Season is upon us I wanted to share a few stories about my amazing seven year old niece who I posted about on Remembrance Day after her assembly.

Last weekend the Nativity scene outside the Hope Centre was badly vandalized. in Ontario where my 7 year old niece lives. She had a lot of questions for my sister and insisted that she needed to bring her wooden figurines of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus to give to The Hope Center to replace them.

So she brought them to church and told them that she wanted to replace baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and how she read that they were taken.
She was so excited to walk in for church and see her Mary and Joseph on the table in the church.

She continues to blow me away with the special little things she does, I am one proud Uncle!

Mary & Joseph figuring my niece brought to the church 

This was what she did last Christmas

Today I get an email from my sister telling me a story of my little niece who just turned five years old in november.So my sister has been telling my niece about my other grandmother who was in an old age home for 14 years and we used to visit her and how there were old people there that didn’t have people visit them for Christmas. Anyways we used to go down with a guitar and sing songs to them and visit with the people.

So my niece without my sister knowing who they were for started making Christmas cards and my sister figured they were for her friends at daycare.So anyways, she comes up to my sister last Saturday and says “Tomorrow mommy, we’re going to go to the old age home and give these to people”So they went to the old age home with about 50 cards and they started to give them out to people.

The thing that got me a little choked up was that there were a few elderly people who were asleep in their chairs and would not know anything about this visit until after they woke up and heard from the other people who lived there.Well, my niece decided she didn’t want anyone to be left out so she left her cards either on their laps, by their hands or somewhere they would find it when they woke up.

She probably gave some of these people a story to tell for a while about the little girl who left cards to everyone today and all I know is one of these days when I have to get someone to take over all my websites, I’m sure it will be in good hands
my niece giving out Christmas cards

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