Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Real Life Call Of Duty

So as I sat down last night to relax with a few hours on the Playstation 3 I popped in the game "Call Of Duty" for the first time ever and not having ever played it before I was impressed with how realistic it was and the amazing graphics.  I took a moment to think about people I know that have been on the frontlines and have come face to face with a Taliban ambush.  As I kept getting shot by others playing the same game and "Respawning" I believe is the term I thought about our troops who don't get a reset button, or can't turn off a video game console if they get mad at it.

I then got up this morning and saw Funker530's new video of Canadian soldiers walking in to a Taliban ambush and in the video you can hear one of the soldiers yelling "Get the M72 OUT" and thought to myself how lucky we are to be able to walk down our streets without hearing someone yelling that or having to worry about stepping on an IED.

Please visit Funker530's YouTube channel and see some REAL LIFE combat footage

I've also posted the video below that you can watch right here but Funker530 has 149 videos of REAL footage that you won't see on any evening newscasts. Please also join the Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530 Facebook page and SUBSCRIBE his YouTube channel also

WARNING :  Contains some foul language

Please also check out MILITARY MINDS:

This isn't some video game, it's real life that our soldiers face every day.

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  1. That is so odd! I installed Call Of Duty just this morning to just see what the graphics looked like. As I got to the hill I was being shot from all directions and had to wonder how it had to have been in the war. As you said there is no reset button or re-spawn in real life. Salute and thank our soldiers. Past, present and future.

  2. I thank GOD for having this time to thank GOD for keeping all of you safe from harm and that you were able to read this comment, that is a blessing. For all those who lost their lives for our country, I know the heavens are smiling on you; for the soldiers who are in combat or enlisted or retired, May your guardian angel give you comfort and peace til we meet again.....GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  3. i can only hope one day soon that all the solidiers who have gone to fight these wars will return to their home countries soon , their have been many lives lost and faimlies lost loved ones fighting for the right of keeping another nation safe to all the solidiers out their my heart is with you all you have all done your countries proud lets hope an end will come of these wars soon stay safe as your love one's and freinds and those of the communities wish for you all to be home soon , regards huffnpuff micheal brown