Monday, January 2, 2012

The Reason - By Dan Gray

I posted the above photo earlier on our Facebook page and a friend of mine who writes poems for our military wrote up the following poem.  I hope you like it.

This is the reason I do it, this baby in my hand, 
The reason I wear this uniform, the reason I serve my land, 
The everyday freedoms of walking up and down the street, 
not worried for a moment of any evil their may be, 

I choose to fight the evil in countries far away, 
To toil in sand and desert sun for many a day, 
To see things unspeakable and face fear square on, 
right now the only task I have is getting my baby home.

I want them to look up at me and put that smile on their face, 
I want them to understand what I do when it calls me away,
but right now I want them for a few more minutes just to sleep, 
till we get home to mother and a fine dinner to eat.

This baby is the reason for me to fight for peace, 
so they never will have to do the things or see what I have seen, 
So when they grow up there may be peace the world round, 
now I may quiet so as not to cause my baby to make a sound.


  1. Awesome poem Dan thanks for sharing this with Dave and the rest of us!

  2. A soldier doesn't stop until that last breath is taken from their body; they give everything that have to the fight; and, pray that they make it home. I pray they make it home, and I pray when they come home they can find jobs. I pray we have wonderful parades and honor them, and thank God when they come home. The poem brought tears to my eyes, and it is hard to compose this message. Thank you.