Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank A Soldier themed Facebook Timeline Covers

Recently on Facebook users have the option to put a "Cover Page" on their Facebook profiles and I thought it would be a good idea to make up a few with our "Thank A Soldier Banner" and theme that people can download.

This is an example photos are available for download below
This is an example of how the logo will look on your Facebook page and I will post instructions below on how to download and upload to your Facebook pages if you like.

Please if you are going to use these as your Facebook Profile do not edit out the links to our webpage or Facebook page as that would defeat the point of getting the word out about.

How to download and install Facebook Timeline Covers.

To Download from this page:
1. Click the image that you would like to use as your Facebook timeline cover
2. Right click on it and select Save
3. Save the file to your desktop

To load image to your Facebook timeline cover
1. Click on your Facebook profile page
2. Click on "Add Cover"
3. Select Upload file
4. Select file from desktop
5. Select Save changes

NOTE: Once you've downloaded a photo and have it set as your cover page feel free to take a screen shot of your profile and post it on the "Thank A Soldier Facebook Page" I will post instructions below the images of how to take a screen show of your profile also if you're unsure of how to do that.

Click the below images for larger size image to download

How to take a print screen and take a screen shot CLICK HERE

1. Go to Thank A Soldier Facebook
2. Click upload photo
3. Upload your saved photo showing your new Thank A Soldier Time Line video

If you would like to share this post to Twitter copy and paste the following :

Check this out   themed FB Timeline Cover



  1. I don't have the "cover page" option on my profile page....any suggestions? I really wanted to add "thank a soldier to my page"

    Thank you

  2. Hi thanks for the comment, the Timeline is rolling out so you should get it soon. In the mean time you could add the photo to your page or put it as a profile photo until they come out. The size will readjust itself!

    Dave - Thank A Soldier

  3. Just installed the"cover page" on Fb and got it up - Keep up the good work, lads and lassies, you're doing great.

  4. so what is happening? Does everyone get the cover page option at the same time or is it taking place in stages?

  5. You can actually add it now. Search "timeline layout" on fb and it gives a link. I didn't find it right away but it's there. You can set it up and fb gives you a week to play with it before it goes "live" or you can opt to start immediately.

  6. If you go to a friends page that has the time line, above their cover photo, you can choose to learn more or get it now... It will let you play with it for 7 days, before it goes public.