Saturday, January 7, 2012

What to send to soldiers

Today I received over 200 addresses of soldiers currently serving overseas and within 30 minutes of posting on "Thank A Soldier" facebook i received over 300 emails.  My most common question was "If I send a care package what do I send"

Here is a collection of items requested by soldiers I have sent care packages too:

1. White Socks
2. Pepperoni sticks
3. Toilet paper
4. Deodorant 
5. Crystal lite, Gatorade , flavored teas (regular & herbal),
6. Potato chips
7. Pop tarts, granola bars, fruit roll ups
8. DRY SOUP: (Ramen Noodles / Cup-O-Soup: just add water)
9. Sports pages from newspapers, or sports magazines, or Hometown newspaper
10. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
11. Deodorant
12. International phone calling cards
13. Gummi Bears, sour candy, suckers, Halloween treat type candy
14. Hand and face whipes
15. batteries
16. Small Stuffed Animals (they like to give these out to the kids when they are on patrol)
17. Pens and notepads
18. Hand Cream (moisturizer)
19. Beef Jerky
20. A hand written letter

From a girlfriend of a soldier :
My boyfriend is currently in Afghanistan and I send him a package once a month and a written letter more than once a month.. In the package I send his favorites.. beef jerky, popcorn, gummie worms, chex mix, we’re from texas and he loves the texas longhorns so I get the texas football magazine and he loves UFC so I send him the tapout magazine, I’ve sent him a baseball hat, shirts from his favorite baseball teams, tapout shirts, under armour work out gear, socks, pictures, waterguns, frisbees, bubbles, football, something they can have fun with on their down times, just sending something from home and him seeing that package makes his day so much better.. oh and I spray everything with my perfume on it:)

From a soldier currently in Afghanistan:
I’m actually in Afghanistan now and I’ll tell ya, each person is different. (duh) but some stuff like tobacco is one thing, dip and cigarettes that you can get while deployed have a lot of extra stuff put in them so they’ll keep longer, so they end up tasting and feeling funky. The best thing ever though.. Beef Jerky! Trail mix, drinkings, poptarts. ect… but the best thing you can do is simply write and ask what, Whoever, would like. ya know?

From a female soldier:
As a female that had deployed, it sounds crazy, but the things I wanted the most were little things that still made me feel like a girl. Lip gloss, soft blanket, “good” shampoo and lotions. Someone sent me a soft robe (sounds funny), but it was my favorite, and I would wear it every night in my tent. I still have it and my kids know that’s one of mommy’s favorite things.


  1. Is there any organization I can go through to send care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan? I have a lot of stuff to send and the postage would cost more than I can afford. Please e-mail me any information that would help. Dawn Miller

  2. I would love to send anything our men and women need, whenever i am able. God bless you All. ! Thank You soo much for your honor . Your dedication..God Bless... My email is. .Send me an email and I will find others to hop on board and get things out to ya all. =) Peace.. Love.

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