Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Proud to call WO Andrew Maclean a friend

WO  Andrew Maclean (CF) & Dave Murphy (Thankasoldier)
Before you read this post I want you to picture yourself on a hike in the mountains, you're on a trail near the edge of a steep drop.  You're with a friend but they are far up ahead of you and you slip on a rock and fall down the hill.  Luckily you catch yourself on a ledge and have a branch and something to hold on to.  Your friend comes back to find you but is unable to get to you so he calls for help.  You are in such a remote area that a Search and rescue tech from the military is called in to save you.  Is your first question to this soldier 
"Are you a homosexual?"............... Read on!

The photo above is of me and WO Andrew Maclean who I met at UFC 129 in Toronto with MCpl Jody Mitic and other members of the Canadian Forces. I met Andrew on Facebook a few years previous to this and this was the first time I got to meet him person. I have a huge respect for him as I do of all of our Canadian Forces.

If you had of told me before a few days ago when the below article was on CBC News website entitled
Gay soldier says he received threat in Afghanistan that andrew was gay I would have never guessed and does it change my opinion of him in anyway HELL NO.

I only found out the article when someone emailed me and said "Hey did you know the soldier that soldier in one of your UFC photos came out as being gay" ....... I won't go in to how the rest of that conversation went but needless to say I wouldn't be able to post it on here.  To the people who were leaving all the nasty and hateful messages on the CBC news site your dose of "Keyboard Courage" wouldn't amount to an ounce of what this fine soldier has of real courage and bravery.

WO Andrew McLean, a CF Search and Rescue Technician was one of the founders of the soldier On program which is a grass roots movement that provides assistance to ill and injured military personnel and their families on relevant physical fitness, health promotion and sport activities conducive to optimizing functional independence.

I want to say Thank You to WO  Andrew Maclean for all his work over the last six years with the Soldier On program and I am proud to know you.

Dave Murphy - @Thankasoldier

A note from WO Andrew Mclean (Posted with full permision)


I would like to extend a heart felt THANKYOU for your show of support the past couple of days. I am not at all surprised at the depth of character of those whom I know and call my friends, I have also received msgs from people I do not know and that speaks volums to their character as well. THANKYOU

It was an hour long interview expressed in 2min so believe me when I say there is more. The interview did focus on the percieved concern I had for my safety but I was able to mitigate that down to probably not (I believe I was justified in asking myself that question due to the environment I was in) No one should have to ask that question regarding the people they work with!

The note was a negative and it hurt and offended me as a person and I believe the uniform that I represent, I am a team player and what happens to one happens to all. I am far from perfect but I along with many I know work hard at the pursuit of excellance. That will never change.

As for the whole coming out thing, a few of my friends knew already and the past couple of years if someone asked I told them. (not many ask because it does not matter) I would say it was not so much of hiding but more on the side of trying hard to fit in and after years of trying reality catches up.

I will continue to push forward and I know I am not alone.

Without Regard for my personal comfort or self advancement
That Others May Live

Thank you all once again for your support and friendship.

WO Andrew Mclean

Click below to watch the story on CBC news


  1. WOW ... what a powerful story. Well, THANK YOU W/O McLean for your service. From what I have read above, it would be an honour to know you. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. You fit in just fine Andrew... I'd soldier with you anytime....


  3. THANK YOU for all that you do to protect the rights and freedom of our great country! It makes no difference to me who you love!! Be happy & Be safe and know that for every narrow minded person out there, there are thousands cheering you on with grateful hearts knowing that you are willing to risk everything for what you believe in. Thank YOU for your courage in what you do, and for being true to yourself because it will give others the courage to do the same.

    Peace & love,

  4. You are a soldier and hold the Queen's Warrant, your sexual preference is nobodies business but your own, you have served and protected the rights of others, you have gone into harms way, I would take up arms and serve by your side anytime, you are a Canadian Soldier first and foremost and you have done the Country proud, thank you for your service Warrant Andrew McLean.

  5. I have almost come to expect this kind of thing from CBC. As a soldier myself I will tell you that all I care about in a fellow soldier is can he/she get the job done?

    You can't do that while high on coke, you can while homosexual, leave it at home and help me defend this country and we'll get along just fine.

  6. Really they have everything on these guys, it's called finger printing. Find the ass wipe who was 'brave' enough to write it.

  7. I have known Andrew since 2007, the fact that he is gay does NOT change who he is as a person. He is an outstanding role model and I have huge respect for him. He along with MCpl Jody Mitic inspired me to start a fundraiser for the Soldier On program. He has backed my idea from the start and still does. Without his support in my "idea", I would not be a third party fundraiser for Soldier On right now. I am proud to call him my friend and will always look at him as I did in 2007, an outstanding CF member who I can look up to.

  8. I happen to come from South Africa and yet it does not stop me from thinking what has the world come to? If I were in the position where I was hanging on for dear life and had to rely on someone with the skill, the training, the courage to get me out of a pickle in theory save my life, my first question would not be are you homosexual. Is life not more important and more precious than the sexual persuasion of the rescuer and, if you are give an opportunity to preserve it should you not? The fact that someone apparently made it their first question, makes me believe that no matter what people say they are still prejudiced and judgmental and have not realised that they are not perfect and judging someone can only ever be done by a Greater Power that goes beyond what we know as human. I take my hat off to you Andrew and I thank the Powers that be that there are awesome and dedicated people like you still around in the pretty selfish and self important world of ours. Have a wonderful day.

  9. I am proud of you for standing up for what is does not matter whether you are gay or long as you do your job that is all that matters. It sickens me the way people treat others...gays, white, black, disabilities, etc....everyone should be treated equal!! There are gay people in my family and people in the military and we love each other just the same! There is too much bullying...
    Thank you for all you PROUD!!!

  10. Our family is proud of all of our military men and women who serve in order to protect ALL Americans here at home - (including the small-mined and bigoted fools who have the need to begin these tempest-in-a-teapot monologues masquerading as dialogues). Maybe we should call these tempest in a teaposts?

    THANK YOU ALL who serve!

  11. As long as you are prepared to fight next to me, and help when I am hurt, I could'nt careless what else you do in your private life. You have my respect because you wear a uniform and take up the cause of freedom for all.

  12. No My first Statement would be THANK YOU! I don't really care what the Soldiers Sexual Orientation is, It's frankly none of my business.

  13. I'm an Army Vet for me it does not matter what my buddies sexuality is. A person's SEXUALITY DOSE NOT MAKE THEM BETTER OR WORSE AS A SOLIDER A HERO. A person's sexuality is a personal and private act which is special.



    IT REALLY makes me made. I was raised in California so I'm very open minded but here is a very twist I'm a Mormon. Yes, though it that is my religious beliefs & ONE THING MY DAD TAUGHT ME (before he past away) NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE NO MATTER WHAT SINCE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEIR SITUATION IS.

    My Heartache for you in this action. Report the person or persons invalid move on with your live. You and your partner will be fine.

    Many Blessing