Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Military Minds Contest

In order to help spread the word about the important work Military Minds is doing we are launching a contest for some awesome prizes.

First Prize :  One Military Minds Hoodie, a signed Julian Austin Military Minds event poster and ONE of TEN "If you don't stand behind our troops" bumper Stickers all pictured below 

There will also be NINE secondary prizes of one of the bumper sticker below.

How to enter is very simple : 
1. Join the MILITARY MINDS Facebook Page  (this will get you one entry)

2. Share any of their posts on your Facebook page and tell your friends to join and have them post "YOUR NAME sent me here" (This will get you a bonus entry)

3.    to enter on twitter

NOTE : Contest closes on Friday March 23rd at MIDNIGHT Eastern time and you have two weeks after closing to claim your prizes.  Winners will be contacted via Twitter and Facebook

 Military Minds is helping soldiers dealing with PTSD come forward for help and speak to others going through the same things.  If you would like to read some of the stories click any of the links below for more information.

Sometimes All I see is red
Trying to get my uniform back 
"Hi I'm James" - Sgt James Mcdonald 



  1. I want one of those bumper stickers...I really love the say and believe that it should be put on every car in America. Thank-you for serving...and my son-in-law Edward...I am truly proud of you for serving our country!

  2. I love the bumper stickers i would love to have one.
    I thank every one should have one.
    Thanks to all of you that have and still is serving our county.
    May God Bless and keep you safe.

  3. I have shared it on my facebook as I am a veteran who is married to a retired Army Ranger who has 4 combat tours and 28 missions under his belt. My husband is a counselor in a volunteer capacity with a Masters Degree in counseling specifically with PTSD Combat Veterans. We opened along with several other veterans a new non-profit called Ruck-Up Inc. Veterans Outpost where veterans can come for a cup of coffee with other veterans. Come out of the woods for warm clothing and anything else they might need. We conduct several groups from Vietnam, Multi War Groups..We do homeless outreach along with helping families that might need food assistance. AJ my husband and I have both been Veterans Service Officers through VVA and United Spinal duel accreditation for many years now so we offer claims work as well through Ruck Up. It cannot be expressed how important it is for veterans to have a place to go they feel safe and where they can work on their PTSD as it is a lifetime commitment to heal as PTSD never goes away. But together we can all learn to deal with it and support each other when needed. Thank you for the work you do.

  4. I love that bumper sticker. I agree with the sentiment. I am a form desert shield/storm veteran. I saw very little action and commend my bretheren who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. I still have a lot of the stress from the time there. I am now rehabed. I hope everyone recovers.

  5. I would be proud to have that bumper sticker. I am also proud of my son Robert who is a marine serving for our country. God Bless you all and stay safe for us.

  6. I dont really worry if I win or not--tho it would be nice--but I do Share this site and pretty much everything pertaining to it--everyday!! I just feel the need is out there as well and people can definately be heard and supported here! I applaud all the work MM does and all the brave ones that have spoken out thus far!!! Im sure your words have helped many!!!! As a Military Mom n Mother-in-Law----I love this site!!! :) Whooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!