Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why We Fight - By Cpl Andrew Grenon

Cpl Andrew Grenon - KIA in Afghanistan Sept 2008

This poem was written in 2008 by Cpl. Andrew Grenon in 2006 and sadly he was killed in Sept 2008 along with Pte Chad Horn & Cpl Mike Seggie.  I received this in my email this morning from a soldier who served with Andrew and he asked if I would share it on our page so here it is:

WHY WE FIGHT - By Cpl. Andrew Grenon 

I’ve often asked myself why we are here.
Why my government actually agreed to send troops to this God-forsaken place.
There are no natural resources. No oil, gold, or silver.
Just people.
People who have been at war for the last 40 plus years.
People who want nothing more than their children to be safe.
People who will do anything for money; even give their own life.
I look into the eyes of these people.
I see hate, destruction and depression.
I see love, warmth, kindness and appreciation.
Why do we fight?
For in this country, there are monsters.
Monsters we could easily fight on a different battlefield, at a different time.
Monsters that could easily take the fight to us.
Surrounding these mud walls and huts is a country in turmoil.
A country that is unable to rebuild itself.
A country that cannot guarantee a bright future for its youth.
Why do we fight?
Because, if we don’t fight today, on THIS battlefield,
then our children will be forced to face these monsters on our own battlefield.
I fight because I’m a soldier.
I fight because I’m ordered.
I fight, so my children won’t have to.

R.I.P Cpl Andrew Grenon 


  1. So sad. He is the one that should have a flag at 1/2 mast. I am horrified to think of the disgrace of what the N.J. Governor did.

  2. God bless his family, and God rest his soul.

  3. Chief Joseph at the battle of wounded knee,said "I will fight no more forever"...I think next time that we have a conflict, should their be a next time, we should send our President's and Prime Ministers to fight their President's and Prime Minister's and let us old warriors sit on the side lines, play dominoes and stuff and perhaps take in a good movie..such as Forest Gump.

  4. I pray that something, anything good comes from this soldiers ultimate sacrifice for his country. I pray that the generation to come will not have to make the same sacrifice that his generation is making as I type. I pray for peace.

  5. I also fight so that my family don't have to..No one what country you are ffrom, I fight for your freedom and for your rights. May his and his fellow comrades rest in peace.

  6. My prayers go out to the fallen soldier and his family. "May Andrew rest in peace, May his soul and the souls of all his unit that died rest in peace. May comfort come to those who know him and to his family, that he died trying to change a part of the world that is unchangeable." It is sad that our soldiers lost their lives in that part of the world. I am a veteran of the US Navy and the US Army. I was once told that we sailors/soldiers are just weapons of our government. We sailors/soldiers fight for the very principles that keep us free at home. I commend the final words of his poem. "I fight now so my children will not fight in the future." We fight for peace. When in the course of Human Events, and when communication has failed, and in defense that the communication may resume to bring forth a more bright and peaceful future. Andrew paid the ultimate price and General Patton said it best, "War is Hell". There is no reason on Earth or in Heaven for Death except Sin. If that area of the world would have just listened to each other this death would not have happened. Remember this. Thank you

  7. Very sad a person who can articulate huimself so well is killed; a reminder of the men and women over there fighting for the hope in the yes of women and children.
    My deepest respect!


  8. I DID not realized that this had passed on.until now. he must have fought
    really hard. & to be Brave for our is really sad :-(( to see any
    SOLDIER have shot down.all our men & women mean so much to all of us.we all
    need to keep all our men & women in our prayers every day.we all need to believe in every thing that our SOLDIERS stand for.keep our SOLDIERS always
    in your prayers ok? CANDACE FEB.19,2012 9:O7 A.M.

  9. He left a legacy of strength, courage, sacrifice, and clarity of purpose.
    What a great loss to us all. He is a hero.

  10. I'm 100% and more with all the above messages,Bless You All & bless every soldier,sailor,airman,all service personnel worldwide regardless of their age,ethnicity,rank,gender,time matters not.What does matter is that they all fight & survive to live another day,today,tomorrow & for all their futures,Bless Them All.
    Bill Reay
    Ex-Serving Soldier 1976/79,Trooper,
    9th/12th Royal Lancers,
    British Army.

  11. It is important for all to remember the liberties afforded to us by our servicemen/servicewomen. The preamble to out Constitution states." We the people of United States in order to form...." I fail to see that our "domestic tranquility" lies solely in the hands of the Armed forces. Yes, it's their job. It's a trashman's job to ensure proper sanitation but does that mean we shouldn't have it in order and ready for them. That applies to everything in life. Our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are God given. The assurance if such secured by man. God bless Andrew for the gentle reminder of words and the ultimate sacrifice of life.

  12. This is awesome and it makes me want to cry. GOD BLESS YOU Cpl Andrew Grenon ~ R.I.P Cpl Andrew Grenon. And GOD BLESS the soldier whom sent this in to be shared with us all and GOD BLESS each and every member of our Armed Forces, watch over them and bring them home safe to their families and loved ones.

  13. Wow! Rest in peace Cpl Andrew Grenon!

  14. RIP brother. You are now in a place where there are no more monsters. No IED's, no enemy fire, and no pain to fear. You've done your time. You've served your purpose. Now may god place you with his special angels, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and decision to protect their country so that others may live in peace.

  15. R.I.P Cpl Andrew Grenon.....Well said, God Bless!!!!!

  16. Wow!! What compassion and wisdom from such a young man!! Ty for your sacrifice and may you rest in peace now...You have done your part and left your mark...May your family be blessed to know what a brave and courageous man you are and that you will never be forgotten..

  17. RIP Cpl Andrew Grenon. Your poem is very true. Having been there myself too, I can relate to your poem. Why we fight? For the protection of the people we love in our country. People think that their freedom is something that they always had and will always have but they forgot who had to fight for them prior Afghanistan and will be after to preserve their freedom. RIP Andrew and we will keep sharing your poem in your memory.