Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Duty - Photo Project


Our Duty is planning a series of videos to increase public awareness of what Canadian Forces and RCMP veterans have endured.

The public has seen a lot of war in Afghanistan but not much else. We forget all the other things, so Our Duty would like to post some reminders. We'd like veterans and families to submit photos for inclusion in these videos. In particular, we are seeking pictures of:
- Domestic ops, especially hurricane cleanup, the Quebec Ice Storm, Winnipeg Floods, etc.
- SAR training and/or ops
- Peacekeeping ops, especially interactions with locals
- Humourous pics of fun times - camp life, goofing around, etc.
- WOW pics of you doing amazing things: jump school, HAR training, live-fire exercise, anything that looks really cool

To submit, you can email your pics to poca@ourduty.org or join the Our Duty group and post them.

- Your name,
- Date and location of photo (if possible),
- Brief explanation of photo (i.e., "Mortar training, I'm the gal in the middle"),
- Mission name (if it has one),

NOTE: These must be your own pictures, either taken by you or with you in them. This is for copyright reasons, so that you can authorize Our Duty to use them. All copyrights will remain with the owner; we will be using them with your permission. (We'll send out an authorization form before we use them.)

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