Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For the last five years I have been running various efforts to show gratitude to our men and women serving our countries and those that have served in the past and have given a lot of my time to spread a positive message. I am a huge user of Twitter & Facebook as outlets to get the message out there to show appreciation but too many times the only time you see major coverage of our soldiers on the news is when they do something controversial or when we sadly lose on in battle.

Well that is about to change.

I believe every day this should be done but I wanted to set aside ONE special day a week being Thursday for people to take part in posting positive messages on their Twitter feeds & Facebook status and tag them #TeamTas  Once this tag catches on hopefully #TeamTAS will be an every day tag but until that happens we're going to be pushing it hard on every Thursday.

We see a lot of Team this, team that’s that celebrities and their fans post and they are trending within a matter of minutes. Whenever “The Voice” is on TV you will see #TeamXtina, #TeamBlake, #TeamAdam and #TeamClo all trending and no disprespect to them but it’s time to cause a shake up.  Every glittery vampire in the Twilight series has their own "Team" so why not one for our brave men and women serving and our veterans?

That being said I’m askin everyone to post a positive message to our troops on every Thursday and tag it #TeamTAS.

Whether it’s a shout out to someone you know on Twitter that is a member of the military or a veteran, whether its a tribute YouTube video or positive story, or SIMPLY a message saying thank you. If we get enough people tweeting with #TeamTAS in it we’d be on the Trending Topics list in no time at all.  If you would like to post a photo to Twitter and tag it, or link to your favourite military related YouTube video that is also ok just as long as #TeamTAS is in there some where.

This is not an ego stroke or anything self promoting it’s a chance to get the word out to the world about what we do and if you are a member of our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter, you are already on #TeamTas

Please also feel free to take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with #TeamTas on it too and I'll repost them on our Facebook page.  Like our friend Tori did below!

Tori from It's Tori Time joined #TeamTas today

NOTE : If you don't use facebook you are free to upload a photo to OUR FACEBOOK PAGE holding a sign with #TeamTAS on it and I will gladly post on twitter for you too.

We’ve made two Twitter buttons below that will automatically send a tweet to your feed for you

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  1. GREAT IDEA!!!! Count me in! A BIG "Thank you!" to troops everywhere! God Bless you!

  2. Count me in :-) Great Idea!/BerndSchneiders

  3. Done!! Yayy yayy!!! God bless them all----n keep those serving safe!!! Respect!! :)

  4. Thank-you once again to those men and women that are protecting every American and those over seas...To my son-in-law Edward a great big thank-you and for those without the love and support...I stand with you no matter what you are my hero's!~

  5. Me AND the Tell Them Thanks group...we're all in! :)

  6. This is an awesome effort. Our troops are very special and always need remembered daily. They are all elite, brave, and special people all over the world. Thanks to you Mary Ann. I agree with you totally.

  7. To all the past and present soliders. For our veterans Thank you for our freedom and for our soliders of now Thanks for keeping our freedom going.