Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From The Sandbox To The Cage - Shane Kruchten

Photo by Luis Rivera

I want to introduce you all to Shane Kruchten who was a Lance Corporal United States Marine Corps. Shane was in the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines for most of his career but was injured during his last tour in IRAQ. Shane has a tattoo on his back with the names of 19 friends he lost while on his two tours also and dedicates a lot of his time helping fellow Veterans as much as he can.

"I loved the Marine Corps and would still love to be in if they allowed me" - Shane Kruchten

Shane has now started a new mission as a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter and is currently fighting with Xplode Fight Series 145 Championship on June 22 at 29 Palms.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him about it for our blog page. Shane’s dream is to be on a official UFC fight card and our goal is to make that happen. At the bottom of the Interview there is a “TWEET” button where you can send his story to Dana White – UFC Presdient.

TAS : Can you tell us about your recovery from your injury in IRAQ and what that was like?
SHANE : It started slow and had many hurdles presented to me. I actually had to move to Wisconsin at first to get basic help from my parents. But after all the support that never stopped coming in from everybody that surrounded me I was able to start making headway in recovery to the point I’m at now. There were a lot of people that always believed in me even after I stopped believing in myself. Its crazy how far a little inspiration will go when it is presented toward an individual.

TAS: Take us through your thought process when you saw MMA and said to yourself, I want to do that or could do that and did you have doubts because of your injury suffered overseas?
SHANE : I defiantly do, my largest fear in the beginning was my head. Due to suffering a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) overseas I was and still am worried about the possibility of easier concussions, or worse easier chance of being knocked out. Everything else is not a real big issue, I mean at times I do pain but I have a lot of heart so I’m able to press through and usually overcome the issues with the pain.

TAS : When your training for your next fight what's the one song that gets your blood going?
SHANE : There is one song that always gets me going, I would half to say it would be J. Cash "GOD'S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN" The song is quite inspirational and gets me just goin.

TAS: What did you say to the people who doubted you when you wanted to become involved with the MMA?
SHANE : This is an interesting question, because there were many doubters in the beginning as well as there are still doubters that continue to doubt me even after all my success. You know I tell them the same thing "WATCH ME, BETTER NOT BLINK CAUSE YOUR GONNA MISS AN AWESOME DISPLAY" usually I am met with a chuckle or two but after some watch me fight there like " WOW, That’s a whole different person in there" There were also those whom worried about my involvement in the sport due to the brutal beatings some take, to that my answer is always the same." If IRAQ couldn’t kill me I don’t think getting in a cage will!"

TAS : You are going to be participating in an upcoming fight card in front of troops? How does that make you feel to be able to do that?
SHANE : The simple fact that I am able to give back to troops in any way is amazing in itself. The fact I get to fight in front of them it’s even more amazing and humbling. With that being said the fight on June 22nd is at 29 Palms California which is a Marine Base and its for the 145lb Championship Belt!!! So its WIN/WIN all the way around!!! I’m fighting in front of my fellow Marine Corps Brothers, the fight is for the Championship, and I’m able to give back!!! Furthermore all the money I make from this fight I’m donating to Wounded Veterans whom need the money more!!! And not to mention the individual I’m fighting is an Army Vet.....MARINE -VS- ARMY

TAS : So in your career so far, and training, have you found a particular move or technique that you like or favor more than others?
SHANE : I would half to say I really favor wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu alot more than standing up. But as of late I have worked very diligently on my standup and have become alot more comfortable with standing up and boxing.

TAS : What are your goals with being an MMA fighter?
SHANE - My goals in this sport have always been the same

- Get over 10 pro fights ((Completed I now have 11)) – Shane’s record is currently 9w-2L

- Fight for a CHAMPIONSHIP belt (( Doing on June 22nd 2012 with XFS: Xplode Fight Series))

- Get 1 fight in the UFC!!!!! (( Not yet but with continued support we will get there))

- I can then retire a happy man!!!

TAS : If you could have a fight with anyone in the UFC who would it be?
SHANE : This is a great far as what weight class and all of that. If we are talking in my weight class and currently on the UFC active roster I would half to say Leonard Garcia. The reason I would say him is because he is just like me, He never quits and you would half to almost kill him to beat him. I think the fight def would have alot of heart and make for a show stopper!

TAS – If there was one thing you could say to our page members and anyone who reads this article what would it be? 
SHANE - SIMPLE.... If you have a goal always go for it, The strongest roadblock to any goal in your life is yourself.

I want to say Thank You to Shane for taking the time to do this interview with us and most of all Thank You for your service.

Please share this article and lets help spread the word about this Wounded Warriors Story. If you are on Twitter you can CLICK HERE and it will send a tweet to Dana White (UFC) and who knows we can help him reach his goal of his ONE UFC FIGHT.

Thank You !
Dave Murphy

Video footage Courtesy of Xplode Fight Series (R) an A2M Entertainment Inc. Production


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