Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Soldier's Last Order

"I wrote this a year ago to honour Trooper Larry Rudd (Tpr Rudd, KIA-24 May 2010, A Sqn, RCD, TF 1-10 Afghanistan), I just went through some old stuff and found it, and decided to show it to the rest of the world. We all miss ya bud! - Mitch M. 

A Soldier's Last Order -
A Soldier has fallen, this time, this year,
But let there be no worry, but cheer.
For this Soldier will carry on,
He has been given his marching orders, 
To guard and protect our angel filled skies,
While us down below weep, and cry.
But he will carry on, doing what he knows best,
To stand guard over all and protect us to the end.
He is smiling and gleaming because he knows,
That there is no higher calling than defending the friends he once know.
He may be gone, but he's here till the end,
After all this Soldier once fought and braved above all.
He will never retreat just regroup for another day,
Waiting for you to fight beside him again one day.
He will now take up his last post,
And be on guard the rest of his days,
For this brave Soldier's last order,
Be our guardian and answer our prayers.
Soldier on my fellow brethren,
I will see you again, someday. 

Written by. Mitch M, 2012

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