Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My New Mission

In 1993 and in grade 11 my plan was to finish high school and sign up with The Canadian Forces but in 1994 that came to a sudden stop

In April of 1994 I was walking home from the Bayshore mall and was attacked by three guys and stabbed 13 times. The two most severe wounds were in my upper left leg and I had to have major surgery as I lost half of my muscle in my leg.  I basically had to learn to walk all over again and for many years I used it as an excuse to be lazy.

Up until about two years ago I couldn't walk over 1km without having severe leg cramps in my left leg and a lot of pain.  On occasion to it would affect my work as I would have to get up and stretch it out so that it wouldn't cramp up.

So that night after the guys who attacked me took off I was lying on the sidewalk losing a lot of blood and two off duty fire fighters happen to be driving by that night and saved my life.  They also held the muscle in my leg together long enough that I didn't end up losing my entire left leg.

My biggest weight over 340lbs on the left meeting Gene Simmons
Since that day I have always had a huge respect for first responders and used to randomly bring tins of Tim Hortons coffee to fire halls as a way of saying thank you for saving my life.

In March of 2007 I had heard there was a Tim Hortons being opened in Afghanistan and a friend of mine was deployed and I asked him if he had to pay for his coffee.  Thus "Tim Hortons for our troops" was launched.

In 2010 someone sent me a news article about MCpl Jody Mitic.  A member of the Canadian Forces who had lost both his lower legs in Afghanistan after stepping on an IED.  Jody refused to let his injuries stop him and has participated in numerous 5km runs on prosthetic legs.

It was after hearing his story and becoming friends with him on Face book that I decided to stop using my injury as an excuse to be lazy.  I started walking a little bit more and got to the point where the leg cramps were gone and I started to get some strength back in my leg.

On February 28th, 2012 I posted a Facebook status that said "Tomorrow is day one" as I had enough of making excuses and was going to make a huge change in my lifestyle.  A friend of mine Chris McArdle said "Me too" and with that the "Weight loss challenge in support of Military Minds" was launched.

My most recent photo day 1 & day 80 of the TASWLC
So here I am 84 days later and I feel like a different person.  I have lost almost 50lbs, go to the gym 3-5 times a week and am hooked on this new lifestyle.

I've received emails from people saying that I've inspired them to start doing the same and attempt to get fit.  If you had of told me that a year ago I would have thought you were insane but I am ok with that.

That being said, I am very happy to announce that I have a new mission.  I am going to be applying to The Calgary Highlanders reserve unit here in Calgary, Alberta. 

I know it's not going to be easy but I am more determined than I have ever been and will "NEVER QUIT"

I want to send a special shout out to Jody Mitic, Paul Franklin, Mark Fuchko and every other Wounded Warrior who never let their injuries get the best of them. You have inspired in ways I could never be able to express on on a blog here. 


  1. Awesome, good luck to you. May God give you the strength to continue your fight and succeed

  2. WOW ! Dave you look amazing, Well Done on loosing as much weight as you have done, sweetheart, I agree, our Wounded Warriors are amazing, and really inspirational to us all, I'm convinced that 'No' 'Never' are just not part of their vocabulary, bless them. I wish you Well in your continued weight loss and Good Luck with your application to join The Calgary Highlanders reserve unit. Keep smiling, Keep the faith, stay strong. Love * Hugs * Friendship from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK always ♥

  3. You gooooooooo, Dave! I KNOW you can do whatever you set your heart to....:)

  4. Best of luck Dave with your venture ... with you all the way ... and may you always reach your goals and aspirations ...

  5. best of luck buddy u can do it
    ever since ive been sick ive wanted to be in the military but i know that will never happen from what ive been through

  6. We are all rootin for ya Dave!! You can do this--the Cal-Highs are the best !!! Whoo hooo!!! Congrats on your new goal!! :)

  7. This is a fantastic new mission! You will succeed! It's in your blood. Your new fb group will be " Thank a, aaa me!"

  8. Very exciting! Congratulations and best of luck!

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