Saturday, May 5, 2012

A weekend away for troops

A good friend of mine Mark Maclean who has been admin on my Thank A Soldier pages for the last 3.5 years is in a contest for a Muskoka cottage for a week.  He is going to be inviting a long some men and women of the Canadian Forces if he wins this to come and party with him for any day of the week that he is there.  

If we can have Mark win this I already have some military members & their families for a few days away at this cabin.  

Due to some tampering the contest was down for 24 hours but it`s back up and time for us to put him in to first place!!  NOTE : You can vote ONCE per day until May 21st!

After knowing Mark for a few years on Facebook on my second last visit to Toronto we got to meet in person and it was like I had met a brother I had lost contact with.  When Mark says something I know he stands by it and his first thought when he entered this contest was "If I win this imagine if I could get some of our men and women up there to celebrate with me"

So that being said right now Mark is in second place and we can help him win this.  If he wins and you would like to join him at the cottage you can send him an email.

"Being a Thank A Soldier supporter for almost 4 years ive gotten to know a lot of amazing people...knowing Dave Murphy was and still is and always will be a Second Brother to me...So here i have entered a contest to win a cottage for a week I am inviting all military personnel to it if i win and your family and friends..You have given us the Freedom to do this and all I want is to give back...please vote for us to win this we all can celebrate..." - Mark Maclean

If you want to help him win all you have to do is Click the photo below, Click Like & Vote!!!!!!



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