Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Long Way Home - Cpl Kate MacEachern

This morning when I checked my "Thank A Soldier" inbox I had eight messages from eight different people about Cpl Kate MacEachern who was doing something special for the "Soldier On" program.  I didn't hesitate to help get the word out.

On June 4th Cpl Kate MacEachern who is a current member of The Canadian Forces out of Gagetown, NB started her 510km (316.8 miles) walk in support of the "Soldier On" program in full military gear including a fully loaded ruck sack.

Her will & determination is inspiring to many and she hopes to achieve her goal of raising $25,000 for Soldier On. We have supported "Soldier On" from day one on our page and if you remember recently our push to get their Facebook page over 1000 Likes which we were able to do in a few days so we also support Cpl MacEachern's efforts

This is from Cpl MacEachern's Facebook page called "The Long Way Home"

"When a Soldier deploys to wherever he/she is going, it is a fairly quick trip. A couple buses, a couple flights, maybe a layover. The trip home in a lot of cases isn't so fast. When a soldier comes back, sometimes it takes a while for that person to fully come home. In June I will be doing a 510 km walk by myself, in support of Soldier On. I am asking whomever is able, to please contact me for a sponsor sheet. This walk is to symbolize "The long way home" that a lot of our Soldiers take. Please and thank you dig deep. This organization is an amazing one and deserves every bit of recognition and every dollar I can raise. I will be leaving from CFB Gagetown 0900 Monday June 04 2012 and arriving in Antigonish Friday June 22 2012 Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Cpl Kate MacEachern

Map of Cpl MacEachern's route 
Information on how to sponsor her can be found on the Facebook page for "The Long Way Home" which I've posted the link to on the photo below. 

Please join her Facebook group and leave a message of support, send a donation or buy a t-shirt to support her efforts.

Good Luck Kate!


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