Monday, June 4, 2012

WARNING : Military email scams circulating

I received an email from a Military wife about an email scam being circulated you may or may not have heard off. I have also received this email in a different variation in our email and wanted to get the word out there to all our members to be careful .  We have also been forwarded FAKE emails from people pretending to be soldiers approaching women online and starting online romances with them, then asking for money.

Please take a moment to read the note below thanks
Dave Murphy- Thank A Soldier

Here is the email first email :
Hello, Greetings from Afghanistan and thank you for your prayers!

I am Lt. Gen. James Jeffrey Corfield Bucknall, Deputy Commander, International Security Assistance Force. Presently in Afghanistan, We really appreciate all your concerns and prayers towards us here. There is an urgent development here that require an urgent assistance and in desperation I had to contact you for the assistance if you don't mind.

I and some of my men on duty last Friday discovered some amount of money which we have shared among ourselves and my share of the fund is $7.2million which a Red Cross Officer who do travel in and out of this embargo has promised to move in a consignment box of the fund and deliver to you. I see it as an opportunity that will help both of us hence my resolve to contact you. I want you to keep everything secret and confidential due to the level of my personality and I promise we both will benefit from this in the future as you invest and administer the fund.

We may not have had any personal contact but I believe God has a way of bringing people together to achieve His purpose. You can have a look of my profile to know more about me. And do let me know as soon as possible if it is okay by you for us to proceed.

God bless you.
 Lt. Gen. James J.C. Bucknall
ISAF Deputy Commander

I also received an email from a member of Thank A Soldier who had been talking with a guy pretending to be in Afghanistan for about four months.  They had numerous conversations on SKYPE and she was starting to have feelings for him.  She sent me this email : 

I have great news for you.  I'm getting three weeks off to come spend with you at the end of July but it is going to cost me $1500 for the trip as it's unplanned leave the ARMY will not cover this but I was able to get an exception for this case.  I would love to be able to finally meet you in person so I'm hoping you are able to help me with this cost using Western Union online.
Looking forward to hearing from you
SPC Joseph Murray

If you receive any emails such as this or any variants of it, please do not respond, just hit the delete button but feel free to let us know at


  1. They have LinkedIn approach now apparently:

    I received this:

    Hello Mr. Vitomir Rasic,
    Am so honored to be added to your connection as friend on my request. How is your family and professional life.?

    I hope we have a wonderful time staying together as friends in sharing Mutual and Business Ideas?.

    Here is my confidential Skype contact lt.gen.jjcbck58
    Add me, so that we can have some time to talk and keep in touch as friends.

    Have a Blessed and Blissful Day.
    Lt.Gen.James Bucknall

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