Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Top 10 photos of the year - VOTE

These are our top ten photos of the year and we want you to vote for your favourite.  These ten photos have have received a total of over 16,000 shares and have reached over 680,000 people on Facebook alone.

These photos are not ranked in order of shares or comments, don't forget to vote for your favourite at the bottom of this page.


10. The Schneider Military Tribute Trucks : 

9. Children with a "Thank You Troops" sign : 

8. Military Dog Faces :  This post received a lot of comments mostly from currently serving soldiers saying how "Accurate" this photo was.

7.  United They Stand, United We Support

6.  Puppy sleeping in the shade : This photo at first rec'd a lot of comments as people first thought the guns were laying on the puppy in this photo.  Not the case, the weapon in the background is on a stand and the weapon in the front is resting on it.

5.  It's not about the War, It's about the WARRIOR : 

4. Say Hello to my little friend

3. Photo in helmet

2.  I walk in these boots so you won't have to

1. Golfing with hand grenades


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