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Stars Earn Stripes - Review

Tonight was the night of the "Stars Earn Stripes" premiere on NBC and when I first saw the commercial for this show a few weeks ago during the London 2012 Olympics I laughed to myself as I was pretty sure what to expect.

Celebrities attempting military training followed by "I don't know how these men and women do it" followed by them saying they have gained a new respect for what our men and women go through. I then read a few articles about seven Nobel Peace Prize winners saying the show "Glorifies War" & calling for it to be axed.
Well I am not a Nobel Peace Prize winner, I'm just a regular Joe who already has that respect and admiration for what our men and women serving go through as I know so many of them and their families personally. I haven't heard the "Glorifies War" spiel since a middle school in Saskatchewan turned down a request sent to me for kids to send letters to troops because it promoted and "Glorified War" that decision was reversed after I sent the story out to my page members and inbox's were flooded with emails from supporters.

My two cents on this show is that it shows a "Taste" of what our military go through in training and clearly it wouldn't be 100% accurate for security reasons but for people with no connection at all to the military who have no idea what our troops go through at all this show could be a good thing. It reminds me after the "Hurt Locker" got very popular and then you'd see people picking apart all the inaccuracies of that movie and how it was "Hollywood'ized" this show may not be that different.

I have seen some people tweeting and posting on their facebook saying that this show is a disgrace, yet these are the same people who tweet & Facebook about Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Bachelor Pad & other shows.

Enough Said.......

On the plus side, this show is bringing attention to various military charities and gives the regular civilian a `taste` of what our men and women go through.

Here is what some of our page members on Thank A Soldier Facebook had to say :

Our whole family is enjoying it, our teenage daughters think the SEALS are Hot, and my son and I are crushed between Eve and the SCAR 16's! - John P. - Military Family

All I can say is WOW..I am civilian but my family has served for generations..this show shows what they really went thru..again WOW Yanette S - Civilian

It's interesting and not babified training and gives me a better impression of what our highly qualified operators do. Kudos for trying to bring what they do to light and broaden our understanding of what the military do. - Andrew W.F

I love the fact that these celebrities are understanding what our men and women go through on daily basis. Of course we all think it is hard but going through that shows them that it is much harder then you could ever imagine. And they are only getting a taste of it all.I'm a military family member. - Natasha C - Military Family Member

I liked it I am impressed as to how the stars have developed a new respect of their military. I would like to see something similar with my brothers and sisters In arms here in Canada - Lisa O.

I'm civilian.. I ❤ it!! The show really gives me a deep appreciation of all military!! - Kelly - Civilian

The stars are far more respectful then I thought they would be. I appreciate the seriousness with which they are approaching the tasks. Thank you that. Daughter and GF of Air Force Vets - Julia W.

im a civil but my family has some roots in the army but this show is really cool u get to see what these guys go threw to protect our countrys im so proud to be a Canadian and would like to thank them for our freedom - John S.

makes me appreciate soldiers & 1st responders so much more. - Karen R.

I'm in the military and it always impresses me when a high ranking officer will stop and take the time to thank each soldier for what they do. Just as General Clark did at the beginning of the show. - Matthew K.

Its fun to watch these "action" stars trying, but, givin respect to Terry Crews - Tim R.
I`m in the military and I think it`s a joke - Kyle H.

for those of us not in the military it helps show us at least a little bit of what you do in training. If these stars can help ordinary people understand a little bit of what you guys do then I say go for it. I really enjoyed the show and will continue to watch it whenever it is on. God Bless All the Military and their families. You guys are true heroes - Leanne W.
Civy, but enjoying the high paid part of society get a small but spicy taste of what our uniformed (and under paid) part of society does to protect us - Ward B.

seems to be good glad to see the money going to good charities. - Thomas F. - Veteran

what an ending!! I'm glad they chose appropriate stars who actually appreciate the work the troops are doing...- Susan C.

I just finished watching it. I'm a Marine's wife I've got mixed feelings. No military op would send ppl that can not swim. Period. You would be a threat to all. But I appreciate they are trying to bring to light a sample of what goes on. - Avril D.

Let ordinary Joes and Janes try something like this for once, not just the celebs. On the flipside, great charities and exposure for the military! - John L.

Army Wife / Army Mom enjoying it with the family . Very interesting . Shows just a taste of what the Military goes through on a daily basis . Great show ! - Nichole

really enjoyed this show...our daughter is in the military reserves and it really brought home what she does when she is in the field. 0 Margaret M

Nice that the money is going to charities ... the helo-cast and water extraction were dumbed down a bit ... OK alot ..But entertaining ... Listening to these "stars" exclaim "the real thing" ... was really hard to take ... as for a better ... - Michael S.

thought it was a good, although tempered, representation of what our men and women of the armed forces go through on a daily basis. Great to see the emphasis put on these important people from our country. - Edwin J.

While it does not fully depict what all the brave men and women face, it at least might open the eyes of some ppl who turn a blind eye!! Also I like the fact that the celebs are fighting for a charity! And that no matter what the charity gets a donation! Also brings attention to the country about the charities they are fighting for!! - Emile W.

Excellent series. Just hope it didn't give the impression that this is what these soldiers and law enforcement do every single day, just a select few. - Eric JH

I am ex military, married into military, with I think this show is giving a small view into military training. I don't think it is glorifying war. You can turn to any channel and see weapons, explosions, etc. At least this show has real soldiers on it. Money is being raised for some wonderful charities, and that is great! - Danielle B.

It should be Politicians earn stripes. Then maybe the military wouldn't be treated like second class citizens by the government that's so quick to put them in harms way. Like they said when I was in, “You’re here to protect democracy not experience it.” - Kelly T.

NBC says "This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service.”


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  1. One thing I will mention, and I apologize if someone brought it up already.
    While we do a basic military swim test the most we have on is our clothes, if you have your harness and gear a life jacket in some form is required, it does not completely help like a flotation device in the pool would, but there would be no drowning, as long as you know what you are doing. None of this drag a sinking guy to a boat stuff you saw on TV.