Monday, August 20, 2012

Team TAS NFL Fantasy Draft

There has been some interest on our page in doing an NFL Fantasy Draft for "Team Thank A Soldier" so we have launched an online league.  

We are setting this up as a $20.00 entry fee and 50% of the pot will go to the winners military charity of choice.  (Note some people have said they will do 100% but we will leave that decision to the winner)

You can pay two ways 

1. Via paypal 

2. email with "NFL Draft" in the title and you can do an Interac email transfer

Once you have submitted your payment please email with "NFL Draft registration" in the subject line and include your name & user name that you have chosen.

To join up in the league you can go to our TEAM PAGE

League ID: 1111470
League Password: thankasoldier
The Live draft will take place on Aug 26, 2012 at 10:00am MDT

There are only 20 spots in total and if we have enough demand we'll do a second one and put the teams against each other.


I will be posting standings on the "Thank A Soldier" page once a month


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