Monday, September 3, 2012

The Equitas Society - Hardy Staub interview

Please take a moment to watch this interview with an Airfoce Veteran

The Equitas Society - Facebook Page

EQUITAS is a national, non-partisan organization formed to support injured Canadian soldiers suffering life-long disabilities.


EQUITAS discovered that disability support program imposed on Canadian soldiers as of 2006 - called the “New Veterans Charter” - does not provide the same level of compensation and benefits awarded under workers’ compensation programs across this country. It has unacceptable deficiencies when compared with the pension and disability support program in effect until five years ago.

Because the New

Veterans Charter short-changes many of those injured in service to Canada:

- we are raising public awareness, because the compensation & benefits situation currently applied to hundreds of disabled soldiers is unfair and unjust;

- we are raising the funds essential for expensive lawsuit disbursement costs; and also,

- we are working to provide additional funds for programs to help disabled soldiers transition back into society at their fullest potential.

General Information

EQUITAS persuaded the national law firm Miller Thomson to represent ‘pro bono’ in the Courts a group of disabled soldiers who are demanding a disability benefit program for them equivalent to what other Canadian workers enjoy.

- To date the Government has not properly addressed this inadequate and inequitable compensation program for disabled soldiers.

- Without a political solution, seeking

legal redress is the only path available for affected, disabled soldiers to obtain fairer treatment by changing the nature and extent of disability settlements awarded under the New Veterans Charter.

- EQUITAS therefore supports disabled soldiers challenging the New Veterans Charter, citing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If you are a disabled soldier who was provided a settlement under the New Veterans Charter, and you are interested in finding out how you can get involved (at no cost to you) in the legal action EQUITAS is supporting, let us know. Miller Thomson lawyers want to meet you. Be assured - your information will be kept client confidential.

If you are a Canadian citizen who shares our desire to fix this problem, and want to become a Friend of EQUITAS, we would welcome hearing from you. We need help from Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast in raising awareness and necessary funding to back up Canada’s deserving, disabled soldiers.

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