Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Call To Action - Letter

I have had several people send me letters to use for people to send to their Government representative and I have combined them so that everyone can use the same one if they choose, you will have to edit some things which I will bold and applicable to each country.  I will also load it to "Google Documents" so that you can download to computer and edit how you see fit.

If you haven't seen our original CALL TO ACTION post yet, please check that out before proceeding.

To download from Google documents CLICK HERE or Copy & Paste the below letter.

Dear (Member of Parliament or US Senator name here)

I am writing to you today concerning the millions of men and women who have served their country in a time of need and who are now suffering needlessly. In return for their many sacrifices, these brave individuals have asked very little. In truth they have received very little support and in some cases have been removed from duty and denied the help and monetary support they deserve.

Food banks across the country are seeing an alarming increase of Veterans and their families using their services. The increasing usage of local food banks by our Veterans clearly illustrates that our government and the Department of Defense are failing our soldiers and veterans at the most basic of levels.

Veterans are returning from overseas who are suffering with symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)and who are afraid to come forward and seek the help they desperately need for fear of appearing ‘weak’ and being told to ‘suck it up’. They fear being forced out of the services and/or losing their hard earned pensions and benefits. More and more soldiers have committed suicide than the number of names that are on the Vietnam Memorial and yet no one seems to care or believe that this is an issue worth covering in the media. When the media does come calling, they twist the soldiers’ words and make them seem like monsters. Families are falling apart. Children are losing their parents....again. And a nation carries on as if nothing is wrong.

We can’t erase the horrors they have witnessed and that have been etched into their memories, but we as a nation, and specifically you as the government who sent them to fight for our country, MUST do something to help ease the pain and anguish that our brave men and women are suffering. It is shameful that a nation would require such a sacrifice of her sons and daughters and then turn its back on them when they return broken and bruised. They did not fail their mission and yet we continue to fail THEM!

Remembrance Day/Veterans Day honours our fallen, those who have served and came home and those who are serving, but what happens the other 354 days of the year? It is time for our government to stand up for those who were willing to die for their country. It is time to step up and take responsibility and to help heal the wounded, for every soldier who goes to war comes home wounded and scarred. If not physically, then mentally by what they have seen and endured while serving their nation.

They left their homes. They left their families. They were prepared to die in order to defend a people they didn't even know in a foreign land. They defended our honour and exemplified a nation’s belief that ALL people deserved basic human rights. Isn't it their right to live without fear? Isn’t it their right to expect help in their time of need?

More soldiers have committed suicide than the number of names that are on the Vietnam War Memorial yet no one seems to care or think this is an issue worth covering on the media. We have veterans who returned home that are living on the streets, unable to provide for themselves with no one to turn to, nobody reaching out to help them.They should never be left out in the cold having to worry about where their next meal will come from.How easily they have been forgotten and left behind.

(Remembrance Day/Veterans Day) has now been observed.  It is now time to show them that we as a nation are just as proud of them, and to prove to them that just as they did not abandon us, we have not abandoned them. It’s time for us to stand up for our Veterans and changes have to be made.

Sincerely, Sign your name

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