Saturday, December 8, 2012

Help Veterans continue to help other Veterans

For the final two days of voting a Calgary business man has made an anonymous donation of a $500.00 ITUNES gift card to try and push V.E.T.S Canada into the top five.  All you have to do to enter is share our Facebook photo & post what number vote you were.  There are two voting days left so you can enter today & tomorrow.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE then go to our Facebook Photo and post what # vote you were.  SHARING the photo will get you a bonus entry and we'll give the card away when the voting period ends

Thank You  

More info about the challenge below : 

Since early 2011, Veterans Emergency Transition Services (V.E.T.S. Canada), a volunteer-led, registered charity, has been reaching out to homeless and at-risk military veterans across Canada. They are based in the Halifax-Dartmouth area and in the past year and a half our outreach efforts have helped them identify and assist more than 30 homeless veterans in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia. They have also helped veterans in other Canadian cities using our growing social network of volunteers.

V.E.T.S Canada are currently in the semi-finals with many other organizations but unfortunately trailing very badly with only a few days left in the contest. All it takes is twenty seconds to send them a vote and I will post the steps below. They need to get in to the TOP FIVE to make the final "Judging" round by Aviva.

EVERY finalist receives $5000 and V.E.T.S Canada uses their funds for covering the short-term costs associated with meeting the emergency needs of homeless vets including:

short-term emergency/transitional housing;
housing rental deposits;food; clothing (season-appropriate);
transportation; personal hygiene items and other sundries;
immediate medical/dental expenses (if not covered by provincial health care); and possible relocation to an area closer to a veteran’s family support network.

The group in first place are getting about 3000 votes a day and right now V.E.T.S Canada has just over 4000 in total but I believe we can get them in to the top five!

Who's with me?

Note : You can vote from ANYWHERE in the world and there is no registration involved.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE  or click the link below the photo 


Once on the "Voting Page" you don't have to register you can click "Connect With Facebook" 

Then click on VOTE NOW : 

Let's see if we can turn this graph upside down?

The Current Top Six 

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