Friday, February 15, 2013

Donate blood in memory of a fallen hero

"On Feb. 24th 2008 my son, Spc. Micheal “Pokey” Phillips gave his life for freedom. I tell people often to not dwell on that day and how he died but to dwell on how he lived. One thing Micheal often did was to give blood and the gift of life. This year to honor how he lived we are holding seoind annual  “Spc. Micheal ‘Pokey’ Phillips Memorial Blood Drive”

Yes this started as a local event but many people across the world have come to me saying they would give where they are in his memory. So I am asking you to give the gift of life to honor a man who gave the gift of his life for others.

Please help keep other families from facing the painful path of losing a loved one. If you do choose to give the gift of life in Micheal’s memory I ask you to please take a picture of yourself giving blood and share via the information below

Thank you
Angelia Phillips Gold Star Mom of  Spc. Micheal “Pokey” Phillips

My challenge to everyone is no matter where you are in the world on this day to go donate blood and have someone take a photo of yourself doing so then send it to and we'll post an album on our Facebook page of people from every corner of the world taking part of this.

I met Angelia on Facebook many years ago and she has helped with every project I have ever launched as well as talked about our page on group on every radio show she has been on and I have always wanted to come up with a way to say thanks and I can't think of a better way than by helping her honour her son Michael.

Dave Murphy - TAS

Click here for the Facebook event page 

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