Saturday, April 6, 2013

Guitars For Vets - Canada

Jim Lowther a veteran of two tours to Bosnia and part of the first wave of Canadian troops to enter Afghanistan after 9-11 is the founder of Veterans Emergency Transition Services (VETS) a movement whose goal is to help veterans struggling to adjust to normal life.

Jim's new project Guitar For Vets Canada is a place for Veterans to come together with physical and mental disabilities to work through their problems through the power of music, while learning to play guitar at the same time.

I wanted to start Guitars For Vets because when I was at my worst with PTSD I started playing my guitar and I would just go away for awhile and it was a great way to clear my mind. I want to give every VET who suffers with PTSD A chance to get away from the noise in there heads for a short time, I mentioned this to a couple of my friends and they were all for it so I went on the net too look around to see if anyone else thought of this idea, this was before I started VETSCanada about 2 years ago.

I found Guitars For Vets in the US they were having great success with this idea and have helped many VETS through music because music is the key to healing yourself.

The Goal for Guitars4VETSCanada is to start up groups in every province so veterans with mental or physical injuries can learn to play guitar by an instructor, the groups will be no less than 3 VETS and at the end of the 10 classes each Veteran gets a new guitar and case and tuner and music book to keep going and stay on the road to healing themselves through music. Everyone who helps in this will all be volunteers and donations will go to start new G4VC's in new cities and to by Guitars 4 Vets"
I wanted to start this earlier but VETS Canada was so busy I couldn't but our VETS need something to stop the noise and I feel the time is right, we are looking for anyone who would like to sponsor us so if anyone is able to spread the word that would be great."
 - Jim Lowther CD, CEO, Founder, VETSCanada.


Here is the video about the G4V program in the U.S.A 

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