Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sgt Elton Adams - PTSD Awareness

In May 2010 we launched a video called "The Battle Of The Mind - Operational Stress & PTSD" with the use of the song "Hard" by Sgt Elton Adams.  That video to date has received over 57,000 views and Elton & I decided it was time to make a new one.  The video for Elton's song "Beat Up" features the faces of soldiers as a lot of our men and women come home injured & wounded but to most people their wounds aren't visible.

Sgt Elton Adams recently entered the CBC Searchlight contest and what started with over 3000 bands we were able to help him get to the top 8 but did not make it past that.  Even though the CBC chose to put the top 16 in a "Head To Head battle, for us it wasn't about that, it was about getting music with a purpose out there and I think we were successful with that.

Here is the video we launched together in 2010 :

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