Thursday, October 10, 2019

Losing For A Purpose

In 1994 I was involved in an incident outside Bayshore shopping Mall in Ottawa, Ontario.  I was stabbed 13+ times including two in my left leg that I had to have emergency surgery on and as a result I was laid up on a couch for three months.  I had to learn how to walk again and due to having my muscle severed in my leg it affected me ever since.

That night my life was saved by Ottawa first responders and to show my gratitude for several years after I would randomly bring coffee to fire halls and buy coffee every time I crossed path with a first responder at Tim Hortons.

In 2007 a close friend of mine serving in Afghanistan emailed me that they were getting a Timmies over there so at the time Tim Hortons had paper certificates (instead of gift cards) and I thought it would be amazing to send over a few with messages on the back with support.

I decided to start a FB page to see if anyone wanted to join me and within a few days it had over 1000 members.  It kept growing and growing so much in the first year thanks to the Military Family Resource Center in Toronto giving me an address to send to we had sent over 100,000 in free coffeee all with messages to troops on the back of them.

Over the years we did various projects through the new "Thank A Soldier" page including The Gratitude Project in which we received enough "Thank You" photos to make ten YouTube videos.  Many celebs also joined in such as Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.

Fast forward to 2014 and the best thing ever happened to me.  My wife and I were blessed with a daughter.  About a year ago we were at the playground and she asked me to race her home.  I said "I'm sorry sweetie dad can't run because of my leg" she was quite upset.

I decided I had enough of being overweight and needed a plan to get healthy.

I needed a plan to keep me motivated so I decided my first goal would be to lose 100lbs.  I made a pledge to myself that I would donated $1 for every lb lost to a charity called VETS CANADA.  They help get homeless Veterans off the streets all across Canada and also help Veterans who are struggling and on the verge of becoming homeless.

I met the founders of Vets Canada several years ago and have always respected their organization.  I had approached them about a month ago about a close friend of mine who was a Veteran and had to move due to unforeseen circumstances.  He was stressed about how he was going to come up with his damage deposit so I put him in contact with VETS Canada.  A week later his worries were gone as VC came through and cleared it for him taking so much stress and worry from him.  He could have asked for more but no he only asked for the exact amount he needed as he said they could use other money to help more Veterans.

When I started this mission I was 366lbs and very unhealthy. I started slow going to the gym once a week and trying to watch what I was eating.  On my daughters 5th birthday I decided to step it up a notch.  I gave up all junk food, starting bringing my lunch to work and stepping up the gym work outs.

Here I am now 13lbs away from my goal of 100lbs lost.

I had posted on my page about my mission and so far four people have told me they would match my donation when I hit my goal.

I still have a long way to go and plan on doing a phase two for another organization I love Can Praxis.  They help Veterans with PTSD with the help of horses and this will keep my motivation strong.

I'm posting this in hopes I may inspire one person to take on the same mission and help out a Veterans charity.  Too many people put on a poppy for a few weeks then forget about our men and women who have given us so much on November 12th.


 Me at my biggest weight 366lbs

Me at my current weight 279lbs 

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